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Sneak Peak of a night class......(watch till the end for bonus testimonials)

Why Choose Zumba at ZCLUB?

  • Lose weight and get fit by dancing (without the hangover and sleazy men!)
  • Make friends with fit and happy people (ok, I admit, sometimes we are slightly crazy - but guareenteed loads of fun!)
  • Have a laugh - life is too short without giggling!!
  • Jam packed full of events and parties to keep your social life buzzing!
  • Join our mission to make a life changing positive impact on 1000 people by 2020! That could be You!

Get 1 hour of Zumba music for FREE!

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What others are saying about ZCLUB

"Katie is genuine and really cares about her ZCLUB members.

With my busy life, and the business that my husband and I run, ZCLUB Zumba is one of the things I look forward to".

I love to see my Zumba family regularly".

Lyn Bell
Zumba Lover

"After brain surgery, I had to learn to get my balance back to be able to walk and also had speech therapy to learn to talk again.

I have been going to Zumba for around 12 months now and over this period of time I have found that my balance and co-ordination has improved substantially.

This is all thanks to the Zumba classes and our instructor, Katie Joy".

Joe Tung
Brain Tumour Survivor

“If you have never experienced the energy and vibrancy of a Zumba class with Katie Joy from ZCLUB, do yourself a favour and join in. Katie’s infectious zest for life is definitely a “must feel” experience”.

 Jo Tempelman
Community Engagement

"The ZCLUB Zumba team have been fantastic supporters of a great community event, the Paddle Out for Whales. They run an exciting, high-energy warm up to get everyone ready to paddle. The enthusiasm they put into their performances makes it a pleasure to work with them".

Amy Wilson
Paddle out for Whales

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