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    Why Fitness is so Important

    January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

Why Fitness is so Important

Wow!! How many more “screens” are there than when you grew up?  Today we are competing with TVs, computers, mobile phones, iPads, tablets, gaming machines and others!! Getting fit (and getting our kids fit) isn’t as simple as it used to be!

Most people spend more than four hours a day sitting down. This dangerous trend has caused an increase in obesity, which is growing fastest among children and teenagers. Increasing right along with obesity are all the health problems that come with it. Physical fitness will increase your lifespan, make your life more enjoyable, and help you maintain a normal weight, thus avoiding disease.

Increase Lifespan — People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from diseases that reduce life expectancy such as type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and stroke. Even if you are naturally lean, adding fitness to your day will reduce your chances of becoming ill with one of these diseases by half. Now that’s good stats!

Increase Stamina — Many people who have low energy are surprised to find that adding in just 30 minutes of exercise per day actually increases their stamina. Being fit will keep daily activities from draining you by improving lung function and muscle tone. Even if you can’t make it to one of our classes. Walk around the block or put on a yoga or fitness DVD at home.

Maintain Your Weight — While someone’s weight is mostly affected by what they eat, the fact is, there is a correlation between people who exercise and eat right. Building muscle allows a person to burn more calories in normal daily activity than those who do not have muscle. This helps a fit person maintain their weight even if they sometimes eat more than someone who is not fit. HMMMM so if you like eating…that’s a great incentive to keep fit!

Keeps Bones Strong — Building bone is really about movement. People who exercise more suffer from less bone loss than those who don’t. Doing weight bearing exercises like walking and weight lifting can even rebuild bone mass but doing so starting now will lessen the chances of bone loss. This is particularly important for people as they age.

Decrease Pain — Back pain is on the rise within our less active lifestyle. Keeping core muscles fit can reduce and even eliminate back pain in sufferers. If you don’t suffer from back pain yet, get moving to prevent it. If you already suffer, get involved in a rigorous program to build muscle and strengthen your core.

Improves Brain Function — Moving and getting blood flowing on a regular basis is known to be a preventative for dementia. It’s recommended for people already suffering and showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Try walking fast at least 45 minutes per day to keep your brain functioning at its highest level.

Elevates Mood — You’ve heard it before: “Exercise releases endorphins that improve the mood.” It’s true. All the chemicals released during physical activity make you feel better about yourself, and lower feelings of depression and anxiety. Next time you get down, get moving. That’s what I love about Zumba and dance fitness programs. They really do make you happier!

Improve Immune Function — Keeping your immunity strong involves many different factors such as eating right, but it also involves exercise. People who exercise regularly get sick less often with such things as common cold and even allergies.

Sleep Better — If you have insomnia (ok, I admit to a few late nights)  figure out if you’re exercising enough. Many people who suffer from insomnia don’t move around enough during the day and have sedentary lives….or if you are like me, you have so much going on in your brain it’s hard to switch off. So the solution I found was to indulge in guided mediation. If it’s due to lack of exercise try exercising at different times of day to see what works best for you. Another factor that plays into insomnia is eating too close to bedtime….this is sometimes me too! So I need to try not to eat 2 to 4 hours before bedtime.

Finally, being fit will help you enjoy your life more. If you’re fit you won’t have to say no to activities that you want to do but feel like you can’t. You can live a fuller more productive life as a fit individual. If you find yourself unfit today, don’t worry, if you start today to improve your fitness level you’ll see huge results in just six weeks of regular exercise!

We have a range of fitness classes to suit people of all shapes, sizes and coordination! Check out our timetable and try a class. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!!!

Have a happy joyful day!

Katie Joy