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    What happens when you cross a ballerina, a Pilates enthusiast, and a boxer? You get a Piloxer!

    August 2, 2016

August 2, 2016

What happens when you cross a ballerina, a Pilates enthusiast, and a boxer? You get a Piloxer!

Piloxing “burns maximum calories, builds lean muscles, and increases stamina”.

Sounds pretty good right?

It’s a fusion of Boxing, Pilates and Dance. 

The Story:

The creator, Viveca Jensen, trained with the Stockholm Ballet Academy and learned Pilates from Joseph H. Pilates himself. Later, she became a trained boxer and body builder. PILOXING was born when Viveca united all three of her passions into one workout.

Since then, PILOXING has spread like wildfire. The PILOXING Academy, LLC now boasts over ten thousand certified instructors in more than fifty countries around the world and has been written about in nearly every major fitness magazine.

What to expect:

You start with a warm up which will lead into various blocks or sets. A Piloxing class will always consist of blocks of Boxing, Pilates and Dance that rolls over in that same order. Once a block is done (with a set of specific moves) it won’t be repeated.

It’s unlike Zumba in which moves are repeated in the chorus.

The music has a consistent beat throughout the whole class. A class runs from 45-50mins and may or may not include 10-15mins of floor work at the end.

Class breakdown:

Here is breakdown of the class:

  • Boxing: you keep your fist straight (with your thumb up to the sky when you punch) rather than rotating from the shoulder as you typically would. You will punch fast so this technique helps prevent shoulder injuries.
  • Standing Pilates: this part incorporates tough and effective Pilates moves in a fast-paced class.

  • Dance: very, very simple and easy moves to regain your breathe in between the harder sets.

The high energy boxing section is great for relieving stress, while the standing Pilates section is uniquely designed to improve balance and strengthen your core. The dance keeps your heart rate up and is a bit of fun!

What to bring?

Piloxing is done barefoot however I recommend socks if you are on carpet to avoid carpet burn.

Ask your instructor if you are doing floor work as you may need to bring a mat or towel.

As with any workout bring water, however there are no breaks in between songs and you will need to take a break at any time you feel thirsty (your instructor won’t pause the music and say drink time, so don’t wait for it!).

“I’m scared…. is this a rational thought”?

You may be feeling a little scared of what to expect, but really you don’t need to be.

It’s LOW IMPACT and you can take a break at any time. It may be new on some of your muscles, but be assured that your body will thank you for it. The benefit far outweighs the fear.

Within a short period of time, you will feel the toning effects of the class. When you feel tighter and stronger, you will feel more powerful and confident and this has huge positive effects in your life.

You have nothing to fear!

Come along to a class and just give it a go. One thing for certain is that we have no more than 100 years on Earth so why not just try as much as you can!

With love, smiles and bubbles,


Katie Joy

P.S. The featured image on this article is the awesome Piloxing Instructor Sharon Cameron!



Laura Glover and Katie Joy