5 Fathers Day creative gift ideas: How to create BLOCKBUSTER gifts for Dad that will leave him smiling from ear to ear!

Sometimes it's hard to get creative. As a ZCLUB Zumba lover, I know you love creativity, fun and excitement! Thats why I wanted to put together a few cool presents you could make for your hubby or dad this Fathers Day.....! Enjoy! be sure to let us know how you go! - Katie Joy

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I had never even thought of making a hammer photo holder!! Awesome!

Jo Mossman
Jo Mossman


ZCLUB's mission is to transform the lives of 1000 people by 2020. The focus is on empowering people to unleash themselves! Hence the tagline ZCLUB - UNLEASH YOURSELF

Such fancy words, but how do they do it? What makes them different?

Great question! ZCLUB actually create an unmistakeable warm and friendly vibe in their Zumba Fitness classes. If you have been to a class, you know what I mean...it's that warm tingling feeling where you know that you are accepted for you!

There are no rules!!

You are encouraged to unleash your inner Goddess by being crazy, hooting and being silly...anything goes... as long as it's from your heart!

ZCLUB encourages anyone with the guts to come up on stage and share their gorgeous smile to the room! The belief is that experiencing this regularly builds confidence, freedom and fun!

It's empowering, meaning that you will create more fulfilment in other areas of life.

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Katie Joy is ZCLUB's Managing Director

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