Co-working Spaces Increase Productivity

Hi, my name is Katie Joy & I love entrepreneurship. I'm a single mum who owns and runs ZCLUB Dance Fitness.

I want to create a location independent life so I am also working from home in a number of online businesses.

It can be hard to find consistent motivation working alone at home so I want to create a co-working space in Hervey Bay to bring together likeminded people.

I've visited lots of co-working spaces around the world and the benefit of going to a place where others are working on their "dreams" is priceless.

My vision is to find a place where people join as a member for $100-$400 month to "hot desk".

That means you don't have your own desk but just bring in your laptop and work from any desk.

There should also be a Skype room for private phone calls, a quiet zone and a meeting room. FREE tea/coffee for members (of course caffeine).

I'm putting this page together to gather interest and then will approach the council and interested organisations who may create this hub for us if the demand is there.

If you are interested please enter your name and details below.

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