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About this Lesson

What you will learn in this video:

  • How to body roll
  • Roll from chest, ribs and hips
  • Sexy shoulder first body roll

Step 1

Bow your head and then bring it up as if looking at the ceiling, with your feet at about shoulder-width or slightly wider and arms at your sides loosely.

Step 2

Follow the "heads up" move with your shoulders moved back and chest pushed forward.

Step 3

Bring the whole upper body back into a reclining position as if you were about to fall backward.

Step 4

Bring your heels off the floor, come up on your toes and make a sitting motion.

Step 5

Do a slow eight count with your head back as "one," shoulders back as "two," backward recline as "three," and sitting motion as "four." Counts five through eight await the next roll to get the feel of the right rhythm.

Step 6

Practice the basic four moves until you can move from one to the next without hesitation and by shortening the count to four and finally to two. When the flow of the basic four moves becomes easy for you, vary the move with left foot forward, right foot forward, turning and varying music beats so it seems natural in a variety of settings.

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