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    Why is our Tagline “Unleash Yourself” ??

    July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016

Why is our Tagline “Unleash Yourself” ??

It has taken many many years to finally figure out what my Zumba business means to me. My husband and I were the first people to introduce Zumba Fitness to the Fraser Coast back in 2009 and trust me, it was very, very different!

The big Zumba craze

At the beginning it was a big craze and it was all about the person on stage…in our case, it was a big, muscley Brazilian man who could Shimmey and shake his butt like Shakira…so you can imagine that in a room squeeze packed with over 100 women, Woooohoooing, wide eyed while the most incredible music electrified the dance floor.

I guess it was more than ever about “unleashing yourself” but it didn’t hit me until about a year ago.

At ZCLUB we are different than everyone else

I realised that at ZCLUB we are so different than any other Zumba class. I pondered on the question as to why we have such a strong following, how we create such a powerful emotional attachment, and why our team can create what seems like magic on stage….

My conclusion was this:

The very humble beginnings as a behind the scenes kinda gal…..the kind that never dreamed of taking the stage (although I secretly admired those with the courage to do so)…meant that it was never, ever going to be a club centered around “me” (the instructor). Most other Zumba classes have a strong focus on “the instructor”.

But circumstances forced me to step up to the scary task of teaching a Zumba class and to become a person I only ever dreamed of!

No Ego

More instructors came on board and they all owed Zumba Fitness for making a monumental change in their life. The infectious positivity helped overcome depression, attempts of suicide and to feel young and free again.

I realised that we all had to “Unleash Ourselves“, although in very different ways, we had all come closer to being more true to ourselves.

We seek to empower people 

I realised that none of us ever considered being a “star” on stage, but felt like more like a guide. Someone to guide people into opening up and feeling their own love of their unique self.

To this day, we feel honoured to be able to instruct a class to people and we truly believe in our hearts that Zumba Dance Fitness can change people’s lives if they let it!

We know our own value

With a huge emphasis on being our unique quirky selves, we know our own value. I can tell you straight up that Bronwyn memorizes tracks almost instantaneously, so if you want good instruction and consistent choreography go to Bronny.

I on the other hand, thrive in the spontaneous, random and free flowing grey area of life, so my classes will alter and tracks will change depending on what comes to mind, who is there and what I think the class needs to either fuel up, slow down, tease or challenge (myself also at times). Sometimes it’s a huge hit, and other times I fail miserably…but if you like keeping your wits about you…then my class is for you!

Knowing our own value means we have nothing to prove. We relish in our uniqueness and encourage  you to do the same.

Praise others often 

Knowing we are not perfect but confident in what we can deliver, we praise others often. We really value the contribution people make by showing up, smiling, moving, helping, enjoying and sharing that piece of themselves with us.

Emma’s story is one of courage, will, determination, passion and joy. This is a real life recent example of the power we all have inside us…


In the beginning Emma was “beyond terrified” to enter the hall where we hold our classes.

Emma was experiencing extreme anxiety and agoraphobia which meant she experienced panic attacks anytime she left the house.
Everyday activities, like going to the shops, getting the mail or even walking out on her veranda were so frightening that she avoided them.
Her therapist told her to join some group to start opening up her social life… So she chose Zumba at ZCLUB!

Zumba made her live in the present moment
Emma said that during the Zumba class she had to concentrate so hard on the present moment to follow the instructor, it left no room for negative thoughts that normally consumed her mind.
“When thoughts would come saying I wasn’t good enough, or I was embarrassing myself, I just had to swat them away”, Emma said, “it taught me to ‘be in the moment’, a skill I use to this very day when I feel anxious”.
“If you have ever had anxiety, you will understand what a gift an hour away from those negative thoughts is”, she stated.

Living a life consumed by negative thoughts and self doubt 

From being terrified and consumed by negative thoughts and self doubt we are sooooo super happy to SHARE with you this video of Emma, less than 2 years from walking in our door!



I’m sure on that fateful day, she would never have dreamed that she would ultimately become a Zumba Instructor, up on stage & teaching to a room full of people!


This is only the beginning for Emma and it’s exciting to see how far she will push herself.


You don’t have to become an instructor or even get on stage.

But let’s say you start to really enjoy moving your body. You do a sexy pose (something you would never dream of doing before), or maybe you don a crazy wig just like when you were a kid and feel great being the silly fun old you that you had forgotten about!

That’s what I’m talking about!

Finding that inner openness you once had as a child.


The creativity. The love for your body no matter what shape or size, because the truth is our life on earth is limited.


Don’t hold back…

Come to a ZCLUB Zumba Fitness class and truly “UNLEASH YOURSELF” !!
Love, sun and bubbles,
Katie Joy


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