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    Thinking Good Thoughts

    June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016

Thinking Good Thoughts

I recently listened to an interview with Wyatt Woodsmall who specialises in advanced modelling. Wyatt is one of the world’s experts when it comes to psychology, motivation, and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

One of the key points that stood out for me was that to feel good you must “think good thoughts”. He said that you can’t “push away” negative thoughts, you can only replace them with good ones.

Too many people often focus on what they don’t want and ultimately this is attracted into their life.

When ever my life doesn’t go according to plan, the first person I blame is myself. I question myself and ask “what did I do to attract this?”.

The next question I ask is “what good is here that I don’t see”.
The universe, God or whatever you may call this higher force has greater plans for each and every one of us beyond that we can see.

This concept is easily described in something that recently happened to me.

A few days ago I innocently posted in a group forum a video and offered to help others make videos. I was told by the group creator that the group was not for promotion. Feeling a bit hurt and confused I asked the group facilitor what was wrong with my post as it has no promotional aspect to it at all.
In response she explained my post was great it was just the video content was promoting a fitness program (which was not allowed).

As you can see, my mind was so focused on helping people (it was irrelevant what the video had), it didn’t even cross my mind that the content of the video was in fact promotional.

The group facilitor, on the other hand, held the whole vision and knew that this would not be fair for all the other videos she has denied and pulled down.

So often we look and dwell in the small stuff. In the “now”.

We can get hurt and upset by what people say or what we think people say, but in reality there is no harm intended.

Just as this group facilitor I originally felt hurt and upset by, actually did not intend that at all, I believe that most of the stuff that “goes around” actually has no weight in it.

I choose to think thoughts that make me “feel good”.

I choose to send people love and compassion because that makes me “feel good”.

I actually don’t even give attention to thoughts that I know will harm my mental or emotional self. I fear if I even think of them, it gives them a “life” in my world. As these thoughts are negative and hurtful, I don’t need them.

So to sum up, just replace a negative thought with a positive thought.

Believe in the good of people and keep an open heart.

You can’t control how others will think or react but you CAN choose your own thoughts.

So to think good thoughts, just choose those that make you FEEL GOOD!

Love, hugs and bubbles,

Katie Joy