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    A lesson from cliff hanging…

    June 18, 2016

June 18, 2016

A lesson from cliff hanging…



Straddling a cliff face today, I was confronted with death or serious injury,  should I make a wrong move.

It’s funny how I ended up hanging off a cliff wall…

Sometimes the universe, GOD (or whichever name you wish to call the energy that binds us all together), gives us just the right amount of challenges to bring us to yet another level of self development.

My absolute dream to build a successful business that gives me the life I want for my kids, at times feels very, very, very far away and even impossible. I was beginning to seriously doubt myself, who I am and the strong desires that call and beckon me to step away from the crowd and blaze my own trail.

My life. My way. My terms.

So here I am, needing some perspective and I thought I would just climb a mountain in the glasshouse mountains. One that I am familiar with, a nice gentle walk and a great view at the top where I can gain some perspective.

Suddenly my friend who is a local tells me her very experienced mountaineer friend happens to be climbing up a new mountain this very day. She invites me.

“Sure”, I say, thinking not too much of it and how lucky I am to have company.

“Its pretty treacherous at times”, I’m told.

“Oh I’ll be fine”, I reply, thinking to myself that’s it’s probably nothing I haven’t handled before…


So we start climbing, walking really, and it’s just what I expected. A hike.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Before I know it. We are at the bottom of a cliff.

This is the point where most people balk and decide to end the climb.

I charge up without a second thought.


It showed me that my personality is very fearless. I’ll obviously tackle anything straight on…or at least give it a go.

But wait.

Moments later the cliff face gets steeper and I’m faced with a conundrum …I can’t seem to move. Its a bit slippery from the morning rain and I can’t get a good grip on my hands or find a nook to wedged my foot into.

My heart is pounding.

I look down.

Not good.

All I see is cliff face below me.

At this point I didn’t even know how I got this far without realising what I was getting myself into. Im literally hugging the cliff wall and the only way is up!

No ropes.

I start to reconsider my ability for this climb.

I take a few deep breathes and try to release the fear that is infiltrating my blood.

Negative thoughts start to creep in and I wonder, “what have I done”? I’m stuck. I’m scared. I’m trapped and I can’t see a way out!

I decide then and there that I’m going to make it.

I have no choice. I have two kids. I’m not leaving them alone. I can do this!


I made sure I had a good grip and a good foothold and by sheer will power I felt my way up this sheer face.



The rest of the climb was much easier after that.

It had shifted a mental block inside me.

At the top the view was great and I enjoyed the sense of achievement. I knew I had made an important mental shift that would help me move forward in pursuit of my deepest dreams.


All was well.

But was it? I still has to get back down….

How was I going to reverse that sheer face going down!!!

Would I really conquer this mountain and make it back alive?

I decided to save the celebratory feeling for when I safely reached the ground.

I was beginning to feel fearful when I started to think of the descent.

But it turns out that it was much easier than expected….

My fear was completely irrational and unnecessary.

When I came to the treacherous sheer cliff face from earlier wondering how I would find my footing to get down, it turned out to be easy.

I then decided to climb back up that once forbidding part. I scrambled back up easily.

Down again, up again, down again.

So that treacherous cliff hugging impeding death experience.. now that I had accomplished it. Actually isn’t even hard anymore. I can do that same sheer cliff wall easily and effortlessly ever AFTER 2 hours of climbing.

What has happened here?

This proved to me that the first time we do something, it is often VERY HARD! It’s terrifying and we are afraid of falling (or failing). We haven’t experienced life in this new unchartered territory and we don’t know where to step next.

We can’t figure out our next move. We don’t know what to do. It all seems overwhelming and impossible. We feel like we can not make it, breathless, scared and deflated.

Sometimes we are even stuck. We can’t get back down and we don’t know how to move forward.

But with sheer determination, will power, a clear mind and guidance from someone experienced. We make it.

Once we can do it once, we can do it again.

And again.

We can even help others do it to.

So what did this cliff hugging experience teach me?

What message do I want you to take home from this?

That doing something you have never done is going to be darn scary. You are going to feel awful at times, hopeless, maybe even hurt and defeated. That you NEED to expect and accept the tough times because they remind you that you are IN FACT ENTERING UNCHARTERED TERRITORY.

These horrible, lonely, helpless times when you feel the world is falling on you and crushing your very dreams is REALLY an experience to be welcomed. This is all part of the process that proves that you ARE pushing through your comfort zone.


Put in perspective what ‘death’ means to you if you pursue your dreams?

It’s unlikely you will physically die, it’s more likely that you will either loose money, loose time or loose ‘face’ amongst your friends and family.

What will others think if I fail? What will I think of myself?

We don’t live in an era where a false move, means we actually get our head chopped off. We live in an era where the benefit of taking the risk, far outweighs the consequences of failing or even worse, not taking the risk at all.

Your only one true purpose in life is to be uniquely you. Really truly you.

Get to know yourself. Find that inner light that makes you feel alive and keep it alight. Listen to the kind voice that calls you.

Understand that life is full of suffering and happiness is finding contentment in the journey as you strive to realise your true gift to the world.

There is nothing greater you could achieve than discovering who you really are, following your inner guidance and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Just Truly Being You.