October 10, 2015


Lovely friends, be a part of this amazing spectacle as we celebrate with a symbolic whale migration along The Esplanade. Glowing, shining, beaming and sparkling for a cause!!! Let us come together for the much loved Illumination Parade.

CALLING ALL FITNESS LOVERS to light up the sky with colourful, amazing and crazy creations. Our dancing spectacular shimmering along the Esplanade represents the migration trail of the famed Humpback Whales that return to the Bay’s pristine shores to rest and play.

It attracts thousands of spectators to cheer the entrants as they vie for fantastic festival prizes.
LETS DO IT!!! Join us 4:30pm opp Heritage Village Zephyr St Sat 17th October !!

Love to see you for yet another fantastic year and great cause!

Katie Joy xx