September 2, 2015


So proud of the ZCLUB AWESOME TEAM! Everybody has their strengths & we are so lucky to have the healing Cheryl Virgo who conducts our monthly team massage & works to keep us glued together as an evolving ZCLUB spirit. THE HEALER
Wendy Rivera who drives us with energy and passion, as a former aerobics instructor & formal Latin dancer she specialises in cardio-fitness, incredible stretching & technical Latin dancing..she is also a bit crazy :-)..making for a very entertaining workout! THE FITNESS GURU
Bronwyn Heyworth who is a master of choreo, always creating her own new choreographies, always up-to-date with the latest songs & movements in the Zumba World.. Her passion & love for Zumba dazzles me everyday. THE CHOREO QUEEN.
Anita McCutcheon who is just so amazingly incredible in so many ways. She embodies the true spirit of freedom & really you just cant help but let go of all your inhibitions & just be YOU! A delight to see, radiating energy & joy. THE GOLDEN STAR
Katie Joy, well you know…hahaha the one who shoots for the moon & gets banged up by falling meteors along the way…dreams for superman to save her, but realises a heart full of meteor dust means she can jump slowly but steadily from star to star….