August 7, 2015

Cut the cr#p! You can be ANYBODY you want to BE!

I have something deeply personal to share…. But quite remarkable !!

7 years ago Nov 1, 2008 I lost my first baby at 6 weeks of age. This diary entry highlights that I was still suffering deep pain still 6 mths later! If you know someone who has lost somebody close to them….the real pain and isolation occurs WAY AFTER the funeral….when apparently your are supposed to be “over it”.


The second Diary entry shows that within the pain there is always HOPE. It’s a roller coaster ….of highs and lows.

The remarkable thing is that I was about 20kgs overweight. Had nothing to do with fitness apart from a walk or random visit to a gym. Had NEVER ever envisioned a fitness career, was unable to do any form of PUBLIC SPEAKING, was petrified of being the centre of attention, was barely able to find joy in my own life, let alone others… But this depressed 30 year old…. Had a deep rooted desire to instigate change in the world. Even at my lowest. Even not knowing what!

Why am I sharing this…..? Because you can be ANYBODY you want to be! Cut the cr#p ! You are NOT that shy person you think u are, if that’s not who you wish to be!

Any traits you admire in others is your higher self telling you that is YOU, although you may not have developed those traits yet!

The times when I have been the most SCARED, have been pivotal in my life! I can’t even express the fear I felt when I was forced to teach Zumba classes, when all my instructors moved on.

Forced – no, I had a choice to give up and move back to my parents house in Rockhampton or attempt teaching the few participants that remained.. Scared they would all leave and I would be a failure. I remember the people who banded with me. I remember calling out for help to a lady I barely new and has turned out to be my guiding Angel.


Share with us what you deeply desire to build within yourself and we will help you get there!

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