July 3, 2015



?GOOD MORNING ! ?World Scleroderma Day was June 29! We had a lovely yellow theme dress up to raise awareness for one of our Zumba participants who lives with this auto immune disease everyday! She is a ZCLUB UNLIMITED MEMBER & remains very active. One of the most positive, bubbly people I know, I’m proud of her as a shining example of strength & courage ! ?

What a Great Day !!! I had no idea about Scleroderma before I met Karan & I’m glad we succeeded in raising awareness!  ?

Scleroderma an autoimmune disease with no cure… All sufferers must learn to live with various degrees of discomfort, including circulation & digestion difficulties. It causes damage to internal organs especially the kidneys, lungs and heart. The immune system, which usually protects us, starts to attack healthy tissues. For more information please visit the official website



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